Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pos-i-tive me captain!

Looking back now, i most definitely took for granted my wide circle of friends back home! I just spent this last weekend, here in the Land Of Plenty, really really lonely. I asked out three girls and they all said no, for one reason or another. I guess i should of expected this- hot shot know it all crashing and burning. I guess i should give myself some credit, i mean this is my third week out here, and i did do all the work in trying to put something together. eh. So in the light of this weekend, i have decided i have been way too negative. so i have decided that tomorrow i am going to focus on being extremely positive. im going to point out something i like about everyone i see tomorrow. Hopefully by uplifting them i will make even more friends and uplift my day in the process. ill tell you how it goes in tomorrows post.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I love this video

I need to turn the ignition of my life.

       Its currently 2:18am. My thoughts are keeping me up again. It seems like recently this has been happening a lot. My deep thinking is one of my greatest strengths and its also my greatest weakness. I feel like i am in a plateau in my life, I'm not really making any progress. I have been doing pretty good in school, but i am not really learning anything. I'm just going through all the motions. I love talking about things in class and adding my input but i don't feel like any of it is sticking. I date a lot of different girls, but i haven't really found anyone I'm really interested in or extraordinarily excited about. i wonder sometimes if the problem is really my attitude about dating and not so much if i have found the right one or not. Or maybe God is keeping "her" in a corner of my life until i have made the right decisions or hurdled the right hurdles.

    All in all, i want to feel like i am making progress in my life. So because of this desire i am making a list of goals for myself that i want to accomplish for this semester. Hopefully if i accomplish these goals, i will feel a little better about where exactly i am in life. Here are the goals:

1. Daily scripture (not miss a day even if its brief)
2.Feel the lord communicate to me daily
a. Eliminate wrong music b. Eliminate bad movies c. Don't tolerate bad language
3.Establish a great friend foundation
a. meet everyone in my ward, invite them over for Sunday dinner. b. remember you aren't going home again, this is your new home. make it a great place to live.
4. Be a fantastic student (don't settle for anything less than an A)
a. Priorities: God, goals, school, social
5. Get a 6 pack for christmas, become a  better singer, learn how to ballroom dance.
6. Be a more reverent you.

It seems like every time i make one of these kinds of lists they get bigger as i write them down. I feel like if i accomplished the goals on this list then i will have a great experience this semester. I pray that ill have the faith and confidence God wants me to have.