Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pos-i-tive me captain!

Looking back now, i most definitely took for granted my wide circle of friends back home! I just spent this last weekend, here in the Land Of Plenty, really really lonely. I asked out three girls and they all said no, for one reason or another. I guess i should of expected this- hot shot know it all crashing and burning. I guess i should give myself some credit, i mean this is my third week out here, and i did do all the work in trying to put something together. eh. So in the light of this weekend, i have decided i have been way too negative. so i have decided that tomorrow i am going to focus on being extremely positive. im going to point out something i like about everyone i see tomorrow. Hopefully by uplifting them i will make even more friends and uplift my day in the process. ill tell you how it goes in tomorrows post.

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